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Royal Poinciana

Our beautiful island is ablaze again with the Royal Poinciana trees in bloom. Coupled with Antigonon which is a genus of strong perennial climbers with heart-shaped leaves and lacy inflorescences of pretty pink flowers...a visual feast !!

Antigonon Leptopus, commonly called Chain of Love or Coral Vine originated from Central America and is widely grown in the tropics on banks, hedges, garden fences, trellises and arbours and it even clambers up tall trees.

The feathery trails of locket-shaped pink flowers are borne on sprays ending in tendrils. It is the sepals which are coloured...there are no petals. The tubers are edible and have a nutty flavour. They are easily established and become extremely invasive.

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In the upcoming months CMA- will release a series of sites that will aid those getting married
or looking to host a function/special event in Western North Carolina. In these sites you will find
information and contact for any WNC Caterer.

In addition to Wedding sites we will gather information on photographers,
caterers, rentals and of course Asheville florists.

Whether it's a simple bouquet
and boutonniere you're seeking,
or an entire collection and Floral Coordinator,
with attention to detail, an Asheville florist
will add a touch of Nature's
elegance to your special event.

If you'd like to get in on the ground floor with any of these projects
please contact us via e-mail at

We have already started work on Asheville Restaurants and Bars

Hire CMA -knot to promote your Western North Carolina Restaurant
or WNC Bar

Increase your market share

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